Hunter Rifleworks produces a variety of custom built rifles.


Hunter Rifleworks can produce rifles for all potential scenarios.

Our hunting 308 series rifles can be set up for long range precision or hunting use. They come as standard with adjustable stock, flip up iron sights and threaded barrel with a 1MOA guarantee. We can also provide optics packages from Vortex, S&B, Steiner and others.

We are a supplier of Accuracy International Rifles, such as the AXMX .338LM shown above.


Alongside hunting and tactical carbines we also produce specialty rifles, designed for a local law enforcement agency to fit inside a motorcycle saddlebag and be instantly deployable.


Due to our position as an 07/02 Manufacturer, we can also create SBR solutions

Shown Above:

CSAT Javelin, 14.5" 5.56mm barrel. Fixed sights with CSAT aperture. Pinned A2 Flash Hider.

CSAT Javelin SBR, 11.5" 5.56mm barrel. Flip up sights and EOTech. SilencerCo Specwar Flash Hider.

HRW SAS SBR, 8.5" .300blk barrel. Ultra compact stock. SilencerCo Specwar Muzzle Brake.

M1 Garand shown alongside M14 Semi Auto in limited edition green Sage EBR Stock, with IR Hunter II Thermal Scope attached.


Please feel free to contact us with your rifle needs.