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Dave Montana

Dave commenced his military career with the British Army, Royal Green Jackets. The RGJ are a light infantry regiment whose motto is 'Swift & Bold'. As a result the RGJ march at 140 paces per minute instead of the usual 120 so that they reach the battle faster and are used as shock troops and marksmen.

After earning his Beret and Cap Badge, serving as Rifleman, Dave moved to specialized roles such as Anti-Tank platoon and then back into general infantry so he could specialize in marksman based roles.

Since relocating to the USA, he has served multiple years as staff instructor for Paul Howe at CSAT and now continues to serve as instructor for several Texas Police agencies as well as consulting/ad-hoc training for various Government agencies.




Shane Iversen

Shane started his military career in the US Marines where he served as a mortar man, Forward Observer and Scout Sniper.

In 1992 he began his career in Army Special Forces as a Weapons Sergeant and most recently retired from the 19th Special Forces as a Team Sergeant.

Since September 11, 2001, Shane has had multiple combat tours with the Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as worked as a contractor for various US Government Agencies culminating in eight years of service as a Global Response Staff Agent for the Central Intelligence Agency.

His extensive experience training and leading both U. S. and foreign military and Law Enforcement personnel brings a unique and firsthand knowledge of the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures being used in the War on Terror.