We think we have the most unique entertainment package available in the United States!



Hunter Rifleworks has partnered with Bonetti Explosives and can offer 100% unique explosives classes and are the only fully insured, publicly available explosives entertainment company in the USA. We can tailor classes to your need, from mythbusters like fun days through to oilfield safety classes.


M79 grenade launchers and 60mm mortars are available for corporate events.



We also offer very unique corporate entertainment opportunities like the 'CQB Experience' whereby the attendees learn how to effectively use MP5 sub-machine guns, smoke grenades and explosive breaching charges. Each class will then conduct a close quarters battle engagement, break through a barrier with explosives, deploy smoke and neutralize the threat with sub-machine guns, leaving the hostages unscathed.



Please contact us for pricing information and customization

Classes are available for private individuals and groups as well as corporate entertainment

Explosives Classes start at $350 per person, contact us for large groups and corporate rates.